Tweener Tennis Leagues

We are pleased to announce that the Born 2 Win Tennis leagues have been rebranded. We very much look forward to welcoming all Born 2 Win competitors into the revamped leagues. These leagues will now be hosted by the tweener tennis app. Make sure you install the app and register an account when entering a league. When the leagues start you will be able to chat to your opponents, arrange matches, record scores, and view the leaderboard - all within the app.

League entries are currently made through the LTA website competitions pages. In the near future we will be offering entries through this website. As well as being able to enter for individual events, we will be offering annual and monthly subscriptions. Read our rules to find out more about how you can pay for league entries.

Future Leagues

There are currently no future events planned. Check back soon for updates.

  • None available at the moment


Who schedules the matches?
The app will create a list of all the matches due to be played. However it is the responsibility of the players to initiate the challenge and organise the matches.
Where do we play the matches?
The player who creates the challenge is the home player and should select a venue and court that is suitable.
Who books the court?
Again, the player who creates the challenge is the home player and should book the court.
What happens with court costs?
We encourage players to split any court costs 50/50. Please abide by your club guest policy.
What happens when my opponent pulls out last minute?
Player must cancel matches a minimum of 6 hours before. Any later than this then a walkover is given.
What happens to unfinished matches?
Any matches that are unfinished due to bad light, lack of court time, or any other reason should be finished from the exact point they stopped.
Can I withdraw from an event?
Players can withdraw from the event at anytime within in the app. All matches they have played up until the point will count towards the league standings
How do i find my league in the app?
Open the menu within the app and go to events. All local leagues should be displayed.
What happens to my results?
All your matches will be sent directly to the LTA and will count as grade 6 on your lta profile. All your match results are stored on your app profile for your own benefit.
Can I create my own league?
Yes you can. Go to Create Event within the menu, fill out the form, and let the app do the rest.
Are leagues free?
Leagues created by our users are free. However there is an entry fee for Tweener Prize Leagues.‚Äč
What is the minimum size of a Tweener League?
You can read about leagues and division sizes in the rules.
How much is the prize money in a Tweener League?
You can find out about prize money allocation in the league rules.
Are the matches umpired?
As with most amateur tennis matches players must umpire themselves. We expect all players to act in a sporting manner at all times.
How do i report a problem?
Please send all queries to