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Tweener Tennis League Rules

The following rules govern the running of Tweener Tennis prize leagues. Any questions should be directed to the Tweener Tennis team.


We offer players different methods for paying to join our leagues.

Prize Money

Every division of a league will be awarded a prize fund. This will be calculated as follows:

Promotion and Relegation

When a league has more than one division the following rules apply.

League Dates

Our leagues will run in conjuction with the LTA rating runs. Future league dates are available on our main league page.

More information about rating runs can be found on the LTA website.


All leagues will be structured with approximately five players per division up to a maximum of eight players. In exceptional circumstances there will be a minimum of four players in a division.

Late Entrants

Late entries will be accepted. These players will be put into an appropriate division at the discretion of the Tweener Team.

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